Scissor Lift - Wheel Alignment - BLA 9144

Product Details:
Running Mode : Stationary

  • Heavy duty 4000 kg lifting capacity
  • 222 mm drive-on height for low profile vehicles
  • Wide 610 mm runway and long 1650 mm rear side slips plate
  • Open center front and rear for optimum undercar servicing
  • Hydraulic synchronisation (no cable or chain to wear out)
  • Long approach ramp for gentle drive-on
  • 2 different safety mechanism for operator protection Standard Accessories
  • Drive-on ramp
Technical Data and Dimensions
Installation Recommendation-Surface/ Flush Mount
Minimum Height (Primary)mm222
Maximum Height (Primary)mm1830
Runway Lengthmm4280
Platform Widthmm610
Overall Widthmm2134
Rear Slip Plate Lengthmm1645
Maximum Wheel Base - 4 Wheel Alignmentmm3457
Minimum Wheel Base - 4 Wheel Alignmentmm2050
Maximum Wheel Base - 4 Wheel Alignment (Jack to Compensate)mm3657
Maximum Length (surface mount with ramp)mm5944
Maximum Length (flush mount with ramp)mm4788
Maximum Front Turntable Lengthmm584
Plate Length (Roller Jack Scissor)mmNA
Plate Width / Lifting Width (Roller Jack Scissor)mmNA
Lifting Height (Roller Jack Scissor)mm300

Scissor Alignment Lift

We keep friendly behaviour with patrons and offer Scissor Alignment Lift Service. Professionals do proper meeting with clients to meet their need in best way and work accordingly. We charge lesser price for this lifting service.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: BLA9144

Scissor on Scissor Lift - Wheel Alignment - XonX

  • With lifting 3.5 ton capacity for primary and secondary platform
  • Primary platform lifting height 1860 mm (456 mm secondary lifting height)
  • Secondary platform design - eliminate the requirement for additional roller jack and also having a clear unobstructed working area between the platform.
  • Without columns, compact and space-saving design
  • Dual engaging twin interlocking mechanical safety lock with pneumatic release (from 430 mm)

Technical Data and Dimensions:
Installation Recommendation-Flush Mount
Minimum Height (Primary)mm330
Maximum Height (Primary)mm1860
Runway Lengthmm4000
Platform Widthmm620
Overall Widthmm2160
Rear Slip Plate Lengthmm1517
Maximum Wheel Base - 4 Wheel Alignmentmm3280
Minimum Wheel Base - 4 Wheel Alignmentmm1915
Maximum Wheel Base - 4 Wheel Alignment (Jack to Compensate)mm3480
Maximum Length (surface mount with ramp)mmNIL
Maximum Length (flush mount with ramp)mm4300
Maximum Front Turntable Lengthmm476
Plate Length (Secondary Scissor)mm1400
Plate Width / Lifting Width(Secondary Scissor)mm550
Lifting Height (Secondary Scissor)mm0~456

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