Tyre Changer Machine


  • Economical price
  • Highly durable
  • Longer working life
  • Strong structure
  • Top in work


Rugged and robust design to withstand the demanding environment of a workshop. Swing-arm design that is suitable for a wide range of rim and wheel sizes. 14mm-thick square turntable to withstand the increased bending forces when handling large and low-profile tires.

RFT Attachment - Hofmann Easy Mount PRO Tyre Changer

Snapon - HOFMANN Make easymont pro
Indispensable tool for mounting and demounting low profile tyres and run-flat tyre systems.

  • It is standard equipment of all wdk certified tyre changers monty plus
  • So that the mounting head is easily and gently positioned on the rim the tyre bead is retained in the drop centre of the rim using the easymont roller
  • When the tyre is demounted, the hold-down device forces the upper bead into the drop centre of the rim so that the upper bead can easily lifted over the mounting nose whichfacilitates demounting considerably.
  • When the upper bead is mounted, the roller retains the bead under the nose of the mounting head. The practical hold-down device turns 360 deg. with the wheel, doing theotherwise tedious job of the operator while preserving both tyre and rim.
  • Optional extra for use with monty 3300 racing tyre changers, standard on monty 3550 and all plus tyre changers
  • Bead breaking with the optional adjustable disc to follow wheel rotation dynamically, thus preserving tyre and rim

Perfect tool for workshop equipment and garage equipment

Automatic - Heavy Duty Tyre Changer - Monty 3300

Snapon - HOFMANN Make monty 3300 / monty 3300 -24Tilt Back Tyre Changer

  • Double-acting bead breaker cylinder
  • Pneumatic tilt-back post, pneumatically locked in working position
  • One-part mounting head vertically and laterally adjustable in spaced apart position relative to the rim
  • elf-centring four-jaw turntable controlled via two clamping cylinders for correct clamping of the wheel
  • Plastic protection on mounting head to avoid damage to alloy rims
  • Large bead breaker blade
  • GP version: external bead seating
  • Optional mounting device and optional accessories for handling of UHP and run-flat systems (additional optional adaptors required for PAX and CSR)
  • 24“ extension model availableStandard Accessories
  • Tyre lever 500mm
  • Plastic protection for jaws
  • Roller for steel rims
  • Plastic rim protector for mounting tool
  • Air plug connector
  • Tyre inflator
  • Brush
  • Servicing unit (pressure-relief valve and oiler)
  • Slip on shoe
  • Light alloy rim protector

Perfect tool for workshop equipment and garage equipment

Truck Tyre Changer - Monty 3850

Product Overview

The Hofmann monty 3850 heavy-duty tire changer is a heavy-duty tire changer designed for tubeless and tube-type wheels. This changer can mount/demount all truck, bus, tractor and off-road tires up to 60" in diameter. The monty 3850 is versatile with a 3 HP bi-directional chuck motor and heavy-duty hydraulics that allow the monty 3850 to handle the toughest tubeless, tube-type, single or multi-piece, Budd and Dayton wheels. The monty 3850 also includes a comprehensive training video showing the actual mounting and de-mounting techniques for on and off-road wheels.

  • Four-Jaw Clamping ChuckThese self-centering hydraulically-operated clamping jaws can clamp from 14" - 26" either from the inside of the wheel or the wheel’s center bore.
  • One-Man OperationThe remote control console allows one person to safely monitor all tire changing operations.
  • Patented Mount/Demount Head AssemblyThe bead breaker disc and mount/demount heads are combined into one assembly for ease-of-use.
  • VersatilityThe 3 HP bi-directional chuck motor and heavy-duty hydraulics allow the monty 3850 to handle the toughest tubeless, tube type, single or multi-piece, Budd, and Dayton wheels.
  • Training VideoA comprehensive training video showing the actual mounting and demounting techniques for on and off-road wheels is included with the tire changer.


Overall Wheel Clamping Diameter14" - 26"
Maximum Wheel Width31"
Maximum Outer Tire Diameter60"
Hydraulic Motor2 HP
Chuck Motor3 HP
Lifting Capacity1,400 lbs.
Work Area Dimensions (DxWxH)64"x87"x48"
Shipping Weight1,200 lbs.
Power Requirements230V, 1Ph, 60HZ

Additional Information:

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 01 Piece

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