Washing Lift - Hydraulic - With Wheel Rest Platform

Product Details:
TypeOne Cylinder Hydraulic Lift
Lifting Capacity(in KGs)4000 kg

hydraulic lift - 4 ton
with wheel rest platform
capacity 4 ton/ single plunger
plunger dia : 270/ air pressure required: 9-12 kg / cm²/ oil required :160 litres
oil tank capacity:160 litres
oil tank test in 22 kg / cm² pressure in
hydro-pneumatic method.
lifting height maximum 1500 mm
ramp size:175 mm x 85 mm x 4500 mm (or)
200 mm x 100 mm x 4500 mm (hydraulic oil grade 68- 200 ltr at customer scope)

Perfect tool for workshop equipment and garagae equipment

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