Mig Welder - Carmig 200

Product Details:
PhaseThree Phase
Current (Ampere)0-200
TechnologyInverter Bases

Carmig mig-mag 15 200a

ideal for welding thin metal sheets, it has been designed to fix cars at a minimum current of 15 a. The smart interface facilitates settings, for considerable time saving.
the carmig simplifies both wire speed and voltage settings. Thanks to the smart chart, find the right settings based on metal thickness and wire type. Then, depending on the charts’ recommendations, simply select : • voltage (7 positions knob ) • wire speeder by setting the potentiometer on the indicated colour zone and adjust if needed.

professional level specification:-
welding :
  • steel / stainless / cusi3 / cual8 wire from ø 0. 6 to 1. 0 mm.
  • alu wire (almg5) of ø 0. 8 mm.
  • 400 v three phase power supply.
  • euro torch 150 a - 3 m.
  • wire feeder motor 2 rollers of 40 w.
  • takes 5 and 15kg wire reels (200 and 300 m).
  • supports gas bottles up to 10 m³.
  • compatible with an electrical generator (5 kva).
  • mobile thanks to its 4 wheels including 2 pivoting wheels.

supplied withc : -
  • 1 torch 150 a - 3 m -

  • 1 earth clamp 200 a - 3 m (regulator not included)

Dent Puller - Mini Dent Puller IMS 2702

SPOT 2702 - 230V Steel dent pulling equipment

SPOT 2702-230V, with its 2600A maximum output is the ideal product for dent pulling and straightening of low thickness car body elements (bonnet, door, roof panel etc.) The product is multifunctional, and effective for many applications. With its low power consumption, it can work on a simple 230V power supply.


4 modes available :
  • Welding of stars and washers for panel pulling.

  • Wavy wire welding, ideal for a curved profile (e.g. wheelarch)

  • Contact shrinking, to work on light impacts and for the highest quality finish.

  • Able to use a graphite pencil.

Easy to use
  • Switch to go to graphite pencil mode.

  • Intuitive, the control knob enables selection of both the output power and the requested mode.

  • Manual, the weld is controlled by simply a light press of the gun trigger.

Cable lengths Power supply: 2 m
  • Earth: 1.7 m
  • Gun: 1.8 m

Spot Welder - Ims Spot 7500c / 7500x

Product Details:

Rated Input Power(KVA)9KVA
Suitable For Welding Rod3+3 MM
Rated Input Current(A)32A
Output Current Range(A)7500A

Spot welding equipment spot 7500

spot 7500 c is a convenient equipment for car body welding. This traditional a. C. Spot-welder performs quality spot welds with new body car steel including high strength steel. Thanks to it new electronics controller, programming is very easy. In automatic mode, the user needs only to select steel thickness. In manual mode, the user programs the welding time and the welding current. The aluminium made clamp is lightweight and easy to handle. The clamping force can reach 300 dan with 7 bar air pressure. This a. C. Spot welder has an excellent ratio price/performance.

Ideal clamp for all types of metal works
  • Lightweight and easy to handle: weight : 5 kg

  • Electrode with 360° swivel connection

  • Single-sided welding tool with 2. 5 meter cable: spot hammer welding, nut,bolt and rivet welding, carbon shrinking

  • Accessory box

  • Support cable bracket

  • 32 amps breaker (d curve)


welding current : -
  • welding current 7 500 a
  • forced air-cooling system for cables
  • 200 mm2 cross-section welding cables
  • modes : one and four pulses.

electrode force:
  • aluminium made electrodes
  • clamping force : 300 dan with at 7 bar
  • front pressure regulator.

man/ machine interface
  • easy to use control panel.
  • automatic mode: select reference steel plate thickness.
  • manual mode : select welding time and welding current

Plasma Cutter - Ims 30fv

Product Details:

Automatic GradeSemi-Automatic
Max Cutting Thickness10 mm

Plasma with inverter technology. Ideal for maintenance work and car body repair.

quality cutting without distortion

it has a solid and reinforced design while weighing only 12 kg, it is suitable for industrial use and a range of demanding environments allowing high quality cutting even on painted surfaces:

cuts up to 10 mm steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

cuts up to 8 mm aluminum and copper.

very accurate, the cutter 31 fv enables you to cut 0. 6mm metal sheets at low intensity without distortion.

no hf start

with the “pilot arc” system, the arc starts without having any contact with the metallic sheet. Starting without hf avoids any electromagnetic interference (radio, computers, phones, medical equipment etc…)

easy to use, fast and safe

easy to use and simple to connect to a compressed air system. Ip23 (protected against rain / dust): ideal for outside work. torch: 4 m with a safety trigger to avoid accidental start.

Dent Puller - Mini Dent Puller - Single Phase


INPUT VOLTAGE - 230 VOutput Voltage - 7 ACMains Frequency - 50 HZMax.welding output - 10 KVAMax.welding current - 1500 AWeld time - 500 msProtection rating - 21Weight - 24 KgMains Protection - MCB 32

Dent Puller - Heavy Duty - 3 Phase


INPUT VOLTAGE - 440 VOutput Voltage - 7 ACMains Frequency - 50 HZMax.welding output - 10 KVAMax.welding current - 2500 AWeld time - 1 msProtection rating - 21Weight - 30 KgMains Protection - MCB 32

Dent Puller - Heavy Duty


230V steel dent puller with 3800A output current, ideal for all steel straightening and dent pulling jobs. Simple to use thanks to its automatic gun and its user friendly control panel.

Only 2 parameters to select

  • the output power level (amongst 11 levels)
  • the tool which is used (amongst 7 tools)
  • no need to select the welding current and welding time anymore

Automatic triggering
The welding is triggered automatically by a simple contact between the tool and the part to straighten. READY TO USE

Earth cable 70 mm² (2m long cable) Multi function gun (2m, 70 mm² cable with connector) :

  • inertia hammer
  • dent pulling with stars
  • welding of studs, rivets and rings
  • contact shrinking, graphite pen.

8 m long mains supply cable an accessories box with consumables

Brand/Model : GYS FRANCE
Car Type :Small/Hatchback ,Sedan ,SUV/MUV

Damaged Area : Front

Crash Repair System - Mini CRS - Mini Basic

MINI BASIC is a professional Straightening System Designed for easy quick setup torepair damaged vehicles. Its modest cost makes it great investment for any size Bodyshop.MINI 10 is suitable for body shops, as a stand alone system or an add on along with BigBench.Simple System : MINI BASIC is designed with simple construction hence occupies lessspace compared to regular benches.Quick System : Very fast to mount the damaged vehicle and perform the repair.Economical system : MINI BASIC is quite economical than regular benches.

Crash Repair System - CRS with Ramps


Length - 4160 mm Width - 950 mm Height - 260 - 1600 mm Pulling capacity - 95 KNAir supply required - 0.8 MPA Max Load - 3000 Kg

CRS is complete Body repair system capable of handling all types of vehicle bodies.
Equipped with a 10T capacity pulling unit, it can repair small, medium and heavy damages Equipped with drive-on platformfor easy loading and unloading of vehicle
Fastest anchoring time – from vehicle on floor to vehicle on anchoring clamps
Smallest vehicle to a large SUV can be handled with ease
The product is designed professionally, Constructed with cold high-alloy rectangular tubes, best welding technique and finished with powder coated painting to make the repairing work more precise and faster
Heavy duty hydraulic system offers trouble free operation
CRS is packaged with a perfect combination of pulling tools and accessories along with a range of measuring system

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